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How to Create Marketing Madness?

Well as the National Football League’s Super Bowl approaches many companies are spending countless amounts of money to be part of the seasonal madness. Each year countless amounts of money will be spent on commercials during this 3 hour event. On average the cost of Super Bowl ads are up 17% from a year ago to $3.5 million dollars for a 30 second spot. Do these commercials have anything to do with football? No, absolutely not. If you adored this post and you would such as to obtain more details regarding free lesbian teen hd kindly check out the site. It is just a yearly event that takes place and companies know there is going to be a fixed audience sitting and watching the game. Most consumers will admit that they only watch the game to see the unique and sometimes hilarious commercials.

But this is just one principle that companies can use to create a unique selling surge.

Some of the companies that are spending their marketing campaign dollars this year are Chevy, Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch. Do these companies have anything to do with football? The answer would be No. But it is taking this large event and utilizing to bet advertise to a targeted audience.

Another segment of retailers that market at this seasonal time of the Super Bowl Season is furniture stores. You will see furniture packages that include a 60 inch 1080 high definition television being included with certain priced furniture selections. So they are creating a sense of urgency that if they buy the $4,000 furniture sectional that they will get their FREE Super Bowl TV in time for the big game.

Another large advertising opportunity is Valentine’s Day. As today is February 1st, have you noticed that florist’s and jeweler’s have started ramping up there advertisements? They are using the holiday, Valentine’s Day, as a yearly calendar event that creates a false sense of urgency. The diamond company, De Beers, usually takes advantage of this calendar event for their marketing campaign as well.

Each company will find that it has its own cyclical time of year that they need a sales surge. For example, a painting company knows that it cannot paint outdoors during colder temperatures. So they may need to market in a unique and special way during the winter months to carry them through this slower time of year. Or another example is a landscaper cannot cut grass during the month of December in Maine. So you need to find a way to market or create new business opportunities during these slower times of year.

Here is an example; you can create a unique selling opportunity by creating a sales pitch around “discounts”. Remember this can create a double edge sword. You need to explain to your Customer’s why the discounts are being used. Otherwise, they will want the discounted price all year long. Why would a Customer’s choose to pay a premium when they can ask and demand for the discounted price all year long? An example of this would be a painting contractor could use a seasonal marketing campaign, WINTER WEATHER FORCES PAINTING CONTRACTOR TO SLASH THEIR PRICES. Sales ad could offer a $200 discount off of a $2,000 interior painting contract that is signed and work must be performed by teen xxx porn HD FREE date.

This specific example gives you 3 things: a specific amount, specific type of work, specific action required to get the discount. Just having a signed a contract means nothing unless the Customer actually starts the work. So it is vitally important to create a sense of urgency and explain why they are receiving this discount. So they realize the sense of urgency and proceed with the work now.

Another marketing tactic that can be used to create a sense of urgency would be “Bankruptcy Judge forces us to sell all inventory at rock bottom prices”. You will see this tactic used by furniture retailers all the time. I would use caution on this tactic that you are literally filing bankruptcy several times a year, the consumer might feel betrayed or will only buy when you advertise this particular ad.

So try to evaluate your business and see if you have seasonality to your business. If so, try to find a unique selling opportunity that you can incorporate into your marketing campaign to create sales surges.

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