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Has the new Chrome ad blocker affected your revenue? (and what if yes)

According to some reports, at least 40% of US Internet users use an active ad blocker (ad blocker). In February 2018, the Chrome browser replenished with built-in tools to block ads. From that moment, the prospects for online advertising have become the saddest … Or Grubhub Clone Torrent not? In fact, the new functionality of Chrome can be the key to preserving online advertising. Business owners who rely on online advertising to monetize their sites are seriously worried about the blocker. Will the new ad blocker hit the revenue hit?

Or already done? Quick answer: it all depends on the situation. Clarify: from many different factors. Ad blocking and online advertising have always been side by side. Today, we’ll look at the relationship between ad blocking, advertisers, Google, and your site. Then we will touch on possible alternatives for monetizing your resource. How third-party ad blockers (ad blockers) work Let’s step back a bit and Lettuce v.1.1.1 Organic Food & Eco Online Store Products WordPress Theme Crack talk about how ad blockers work in general, and about the state of the blocker market before they appear in Chrome.

According to rough estimates, 41% of consumers aged 18 to 29 use ad blocking technologies. Children from 13 to 17 years are somewhat behind – they are only 29%. The further you move along the age spectrum, the lower the percentage of blocker usage becomes. It follows that industries with tech-savvy users will have higher ad blocking rates. There are two main reasons why users resort to ad blocking technologies: Their computers were previously infected with viruses (malware, spyware).

They were aware of the existence of ad blockers. Thus, although publishers are negative about ad blockers, users like them. What have ad blockers done to earn this acceptance? Ad blockers help weed out the loading of unwanted elements. They interrupt the interaction between the server and the user before the ads appear. This process is illustrated in the screenshot below. However, blockers do not just interrupt the interaction between ads and users.

Some also prevent the transfer of user activity data to the site. For marketers, this could be a killer of analytics. However, for users, Eskimo v.1.7 Free Download Meety Purchase Code this is a serious privacy issue. And this is not just an unnecessary worry. Suffice it to recall the case of Stylish, a browser extension blocked today, which allowed users to customize the experience of interaction and restore order. People liked it until they found a serious security hole in it. The extension transmitted information about each visited URL, and Numerology Calculator Crack also saved the entire history of search queries of each user since January 2017.

Even if this story is taken to extremes, it well illustrates the point of view: trackers can seriously harm, and ad blockers are a real way to deal with such force majeure. However, this makes life difficult for CobaltApps Dynamik Website Builder for Genesis v. Purchase Code owners who rely on advertising as their income. There are several solutions to deal with third-party ad blockers, but they are not always simple and require some effort. You can always block your content with pop-ups.

On the one hand, this will allow you to earn income by inviting users to register to pay for a subscription (more on that later). On the other hand, you can simply lose this visitor. He decides to go to another site, more friendly to ad blockers.